The end of this unusual year is an opportunity to celebrate new life in the new normal. It is an event to recapitulate the latest news, recognize the merits of our outstanding contributors, and forward-looking to the new challenges.

Agenda at a glance (CET time)

15:00-15:10 Welcome Words

Luc Dufresne
Honorary Secretary General, Bank of Belgium
Founder President, Eurofiling Foundation p.f.

15:10-15:35 ESEF news

Elina Koskentalo. XBRL Finland.
Javier Mora. XBRL Spain

.- ESEF latest news
.- Eurofiling annual report 2019, as ESEF example
.- Documentation for audit about the Eurofiling annual report 2019

15:35-16:00 Proposal: WG for an Environment Taxonomy

Paul Hulst. Eurofiling Board
Liv Watson. Eurofiling Board
See precedent event at COP25 climate summit.

16:00-16:10 DPM as ISO standard

Karla McKenna, Eurofiling Board. Past Chair ISO/TC 68 Financial services.

16:10-16:25 Eurofiling Recognition Carvings

Michal Piechocki, Director of Eurofiling, presents the recognitions to the new laureates in the Eurofiling Hall-Of-Fame

16:25-16:30 Closing words from the renovated Eurofiling Board

Ignacio Boixo, Eurofiling Founder

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